NBC on Census Law

A homeowners association in Austin appeared to be violating federal Census law. The homeowners association changed its policy shortly after KXAN began asking questions.

“Defunding” the Police

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he will push for legislation that would freeze property tax revenues for cities that cut police budgets. A KXAN reporter asked Chad Ruback whether the proposed law would be constitutional.

National Emergencies Act

Invoking the National Emergencies Act, President Trump issued an order which will ban all transactions between U.S. citizens and TikTok on national security grounds. Chad Ruback discusses whether the president truly has the right to do this.

CBS on Confederate Monument

Chad Ruback discusses a case in which the Dallas Court of Appeals issued a “writ of injunction” prohibiting the City of Dallas from removing a 65-foot-tall Confederate Monument.

CBS on Suing the Police

Civil appellate lawyer Chad Ruback discusses the intersection of civil and criminal law in the context of a raid on a Dallas-area CBD business.

FOX on Public Records

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback discusses constitutional issues related to the Dallas Police Department’s new requirement that people show IDs before being allowed to view public records.

FOX on Abortion Restrictions

Chad commented live on FOX 4 regarding how Justice Scalia’s death will impact appellate review of abortion restrictions and affirmative action programs.

NBC on Affirmative Action

Chad was interviewed live on NBC 5 news regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of the University of Texas affirmative action appeal.

NBC on Immigration Reform

President Obama signed an executive order impacting the status of more than 1/3 of all undocumented immigrants currently in the country. On NBC, Chad addresses whether that order will pass muster with the U.S. Supreme Court.

AT&T Merger with Time Warner

After a six-week trial, AT&T scored a huge win yesterday when the judge approved a proposed merger with Time Warner. Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback shared his thoughts on the news.