Importance of Candor to the Court

Dallas Court of Appeals Justices Ada Brown, Molly Francis, and Bill Whitehill spoke at a Dallas Association of Young Lawyers seminar in the Merrill Hartman Courtroom of the George Allen Courthouse. The justices geared their presentation toward young lawyers with little or no appellate experience and, as such, the tips offered would be well-known to … >> Read more

My Review of a Mexican Traffic Stop

As with all vacations, I had mixed feelings that this one was ending.  I had a wonderful time, alternating between relaxing at the Cancun hotel with my extended family (including five young children) and taking day trips with my wife in our rental car.  But I can never fully squelch my type-A personality, and I … >> Read more

21 Things That Court of Appeals Justices and Staff Attorneys Want You to Know

I recently attended a continuing legal education seminar co-sponsored by the Dallas Bar Association’s appellate section and the Tarrant County Bar Association’s appellate section.  At the CLE, justices and staff attorneys from the Dallas Court of Appeals and the Fort Worth Court of Appeals shared insights as to their preferences. Here are 21 things that the … >> Read more

Rules Related to Drafting Texas Appellate Briefs and Motions

There are many rules governing the contents of Texas appellate documents, and these rules are not necessarily intuitive.  Here are some of those rules. Pursuant to the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure, all appellate documents must use 14-point font (although footnotes may be in 12-point font).  See TRAP 9.4(e). Appellate documents must generally be e-filed.  … >> Read more

Deadlines in a Texas Appeal

Handling an appeal is deadline-intensive, and missing an appellate deadline can have serious consequences.  Here are some of the deadlines to keep in mind. Request for Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure provide that the deadline to file a request for findings of fact and conclusions of … >> Read more

Four Newest Dallas Court of Appeals Justices

The Dallas Bar Association’s appellate section recently hosted a panel of the four newest Dallas Court of Appeals justices.  Justice Ada Brown joined the court in 2013, Justice Craig Stoddart joined the court in 2014, and Justice Bill Whitehill and Justice David Schenck both joined the court in 2015.  The judges offered some great tips … >> Read more

Dallas-area Judges Agree on Advice for Practice Before Their Courts

The Mac Taylor Inn of Court recently had a lunch meeting in the courtroom of Judge Martin Hoffman’s 68th District Court.  Eight judges shared tips for practicing in their courts.  The judges brought different perspectives to the table—federal court and state court, trial court and appellate court, elected and appointed.  Yet, three themes came up … >> Read more

Appellate Lawyer Chad Ruback interviewed in NBC 5 studio

Appellate Lawyer Chad Ruback interviewed in NBC 5 studio

Appellate Lawyer Chad Ruback interviewed in NBC 5 studio

I was interviewed in the NBC 5 studio about a recent U.S. Supreme Court case.


Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett’s Thoughts on Amicus Briefs

This afternoon, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett and Austin lawyer Don Cruse spoke at a continuing legal education seminar.  Among other things, they addressed amicus briefs filed in the Supreme Court. The court requests a response to the petition for review in about 33% of cases.  However, when an amicus brief has been filed … >> Read more