Chad Ruback has a knack for taking complex legal issues and communicating them in a way anyone can understand. Perhaps that is why the news media regularly calls on Chad to explain developments in court cases. Chad has been interviewed on KDFW channel 4 (Dallas – Fort Worth Fox TV affiliate), KXAS channel 5 (Dallas – Fort Worth NBC TV affiliate), WFAA channel 8 (Dallas – Fort Worth ABC TV affiliate), KTVT channel 11 (Dallas – Fort Worth CBS TV affiliate), KDAF channel 33 (Dallas – Fort Worth CW TV affiliate), KXAN channel 36 (Austin NBC TV affiliate), KLIF 570 AM, WBAP 820 AM, KRLD 1080 AM, and KFXR 1190 AM.  Chad has been quoted in news stories in the Amarillo Globe-News, the Austin Business Journal, Bloomberg BNA, Courthouse News Service, the Dallas Business Journal, the Dallas Observer, the Denton Record-Chronicle, the Eagle Pass Business Journal, the El Paso Herald-Post, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Herald Democrat (Sherman-Denison), the Houston Business Journal, the Houston Chronicle, the Killeen Daily Herald, Law 360, the Longview News-Journal, the San Antonio Business Journal, the San Antonio Express-News, Texas Lawyer, the Texas Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, The Eagle (Bryan-College Station), The Texas Lawbook, the Tyler Morning Telegraph, the Valley Morning Star (Harlingen), and the Voice of America.

More importantly, Chad’s ability to explain difficult concepts is invaluable in persuading court of appeals and supreme court justices of the merits of his clients’ appellate arguments.

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A homeowners association in Austin appeared to be violating federal Census law. The homeowners association changed its policy shortly after KXAN began asking questions.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he will push for legislation that would freeze property tax revenues for cities that cut police budgets. A KXAN reporter asked Chad Ruback whether the proposed law would be constitutional.

Invoking the National Emergencies Act, President Trump issued an order which will ban all transactions between U.S. citizens and TikTok on national security grounds. Chad Ruback discusses whether the president truly has the right to do this.

Chad Ruback discusses a case in which the Dallas Court of Appeals issued a “writ of injunction” prohibiting the City of Dallas from removing a 65-foot-tall Confederate Monument.

Civil appellate lawyer Chad Ruback discusses the intersection of civil and criminal law in the context of a raid on a Dallas-area CBD business.

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback discusses constitutional issues related to the Dallas Police Department’s new requirement that people show IDs before being allowed to view public records.

Chad commented live on FOX 4 regarding how Justice Scalia’s death will impact appellate review of abortion restrictions and affirmative action programs.

Chad was interviewed live on NBC 5 news regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of the University of Texas affirmative action appeal.

President Obama signed an executive order impacting the status of more than 1/3 of all undocumented immigrants currently in the country. On NBC, Chad addresses whether that order will pass muster with the U.S. Supreme Court.

After a six-week trial, AT&T scored a huge win yesterday when the judge approved a proposed merger with Time Warner. Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback shared his thoughts on the news.

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback discusses whether Article II of the U.S. Constitution allows the president to grant himself a pardon.

Dallas appellate attorney discusses the checks and balances among the president, the judiciary, and Congress

Appellate lawyer Chad Ruback comments on the latest development in Exxxotica’s federal lawsuit against the City of Dallas

Can a Homeland Security agent lawfully require someone to show private tweets or Facebook posts as a condition of entering the country? As I told a FOX news reporter, the answer is not yet clear.

On FOX 4 news, Chad Ruback appellate attorney discusses the impact of a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Texas voters in the November 2016 election

Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback on CW33 news discusses what’s next in Collin County, Texas Enrique Arochi case

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback was live on FOX4 discussing the potential appeal of a federal judge’s order barring the Obama administration from implementing its transgender bathroom policy.

Yesterday, a federal judge issued an injunction preventing the federal government from enforcing this directive. An appeal is sure to follow. I discussed this matter on the news this evening.

Constitutional attorney Chad Ruback was on CBS news regarding Dallas police chief insisting that a community activist not schedule any protests downtown.

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback was on CBS news addressing a lawsuit filed by the father of Ahmed Mohamed (the student who brought a homemade clock to school).

Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback was interviewed in the KDAF control room. He discussed a lawsuit in which the City of Dallas and a Ross Avenue auto mechanic will be fighting over some interesting constitutional issues.

Live on FOX 4 news, Chad discussed the U.S. Supreme Court having found Texas abortion restrictions unconstitutional.

Chad’s legal commentary about housing discrimination was featured on CBS channel 11’s 6 o’clock news.

The Fort Worth ISD has instituted new policies regarding transgender students. Chad was on CW33 news discussing the legal implications.

Chad was interviewed live in the FOX 4 studio regarding the effect of the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion on same-sex marriages.

A FOX reporter interviewed Chad regarding the Texas Attorney General’s opinion about an ambiguous statute which prohibits the open carry of guns in courthouses.

Chad was interviewed in the NBC 5 studio regarding whether the U.S. Supreme Court might force the State of Texas to issue confederate flag license plates.

An NBC reporter interviewed Chad about what might happen next after the jury verdict in a two-week-long federal trial.

Outside the federal courthouse, an NBC reporter asked Chad about how long an appeal might last.

Chad was interviewed live in the KDFW FOX 4 television studio regarding a U.S. Supreme Court decision addressing the constitutionality of an Obamacare requirement that health insurance must pay for birth control.

An appellate court ruled that a law against sexually explicit texts was so broad that it violated First Amendment free speech protections. Chad was interviewed on KTVT CBS 11 regarding the consequences of this ruling.

As an appellate lawyer, Chad must often answer difficult questions. On KDAF Channel 33 news, though, he got to answer an easy one. He was asked whether an individual could form his own country in North Dallas. Um, no.

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